About Us

Production Associates info@pa.co.nz +64 9 307 9161

Production Associates understands that event production and management means more than delivering memorable live events in a digital world – it means having the inspiration to create unique and remarkable experiences that appeal to all the senses. We’ll get to know your brand and provide the smarts to bring cutting-edge use of technology, immaculate creative services and stunning multimedia presentations to life. PA has now merged with the team over at Uno Loco. For more information contact ian@unoloco.co.nz

How We Work

Because we’re a consultancy, we can offer the most efficient way to the best experience. With our dedication to the highest level of professional service, we will build the perfect team to shape and deliver your event to your timescale and your budget – and true to your brand. And because live events must sing in a digital world, we make the best possible use of specialist event staff, as well as the latest technical hardware and digital design. PA joins your team to make sure your business stages a truly memorable event – whether you’re entertaining your guests, customers or employees, or whether the whole world’s watching.

Event Production & Management

We’ll create and deliver occasions which thrill the senses and live long in the memory by understanding your brand, planning every detail and running spectacular events.

Product Launches

You’re obviously inspired by your brand – and so are we. We’ll deliver the perfect platform to give your launch impact and let your product shine.

Outdoor Events & Concerts

You know staging an event outdoors brings a unique of demands - and we know how to deliver success whatever the setting.

Event Theming & Styling

Style is all about staying ahead of the game, so we’re driven by innovative technical and creative solutions that best suit your event – whether it’s by branding, an original theatrical concept, beautiful styling or a fully immersive theme.

Opening/Closing Ceremonies

When the whole world’s watching, you can’t afford hitches in technical production so we pride ourselves in delivering large-scale choreography and integrating stage management with live broadcast.

Award Dinners

When you’re honouring success, you have to deliver success which means a coherent flow of presentations and entertainment.

Communication & PR Events

Because your event is all about your message, we’ll get a real feel for your brand to deliver a clear and contemporary narrative.

Exhibitions / Trade Stands

From the construction of a single stand to the management of an entire conference exhibition space, we’ll make sure your customers understand you and your product.


Your audience expects a coherent mix of entertainment and performance – so let us juggle the MCs, guest speakers, bands, dancers and circus acts.

Production Management

You demand excellence from every project and so do we. We’ll manage every detail from budget and financial planning to strategy and deadline, and from the smallest feature to the grandest scheme.

Creative Services

Creative thought and meticulous design changes businesses. That's why we put so much effort into producing engaging video, multi-media content and brand collateral to inspire your audience and fit flawlessly into the overall event concept.

Video Production

The YouTube generation has changed the way we create and consider video whether it’s for online use or to add colour, flavour and impact to a live event. Technology means shoots can be arranged with minimal fuss, manpower and expense – wherever and whatever you want to capture.

Multimedia Presentations and Motion Graphics

It’s so important to move easily between digital and physical worlds. We really understand how the simplicity of a PowerPoint presentation or cutting-edge motion graphics using images, video sequences and animation can be the bridge that brings these worlds together.

Graphic Design

Your event needs to deliver a consistent message so we work with the best designers to ensure your invitations, flyers, signage, menus, lanyards and banners are clear, coherent and true to your brand.

Technical direction and delivery

Live events, regardless of meticulous planning, will continually surprise you by not quite going to plan! It’s how you deal with this that makes the difference. Through the experience of delivering literally thousands of shows, PA knows what needs to happen behind the scenes and works with the best technicians and operators in audio, visual, lighting, draping, rigging and staging to provide the perfect backdrop for your spectacle.

  • Audio Systems
  • Projection/screen Technology
  • Lighting Systems
  • Draping/dressing
  • Set design
  • Rigging
  • Staging