The Directors

Production Associates +64 9 307 9161

Ian Lawley<

Ian Lawley


Three decades of running events across three continents has shown me successful corporate event management is about two things: building the right connections and exploring the very latest innovations.

I’m passionate about maintaining an international network of industry experts and a complete geek when it comes to pioneering technology to create world-class show and event production.

M +64 21 783 646

Conan Richards<

Conan Richards


Touring international rock concerts through Australasia, Europe and America gave me a unique grasp of leading-edge audio, audio-visual and lighting technology and how it can revolutionise the world of corporate events.

I’m a global leader when it comes to production management and am often who the event industry turns to for in-house training or to run their own events.

M +64 21 446 188

Jördis Renz<

Jördis Renz

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Someone has to organise the organisers – and at PA, that’s my role

After six years running events at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, I now oversee our stimulating and dynamic presence via social media, traditional marketing and event industry exhibitions to help maintain our position as a leader in New Zealand corporate event management and conferencing and develop our global reputation with the odd event production project thrown into the mix to keep me on my toes.

M +64 27 88 555 22