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How to combine a product launch roadshow with a tailor-made training studio

When a client asked PA to design and deliver a nationwide tour that would not only help launch a new product but also double as a training studio, we drew on our experience of producing show-stopping events to create an audio-visual experience that looked spectacular and provided the interaction required to showcase the company’s innovation.

We built a stage that featured eye-catching LED screen technology to display high-resolution PowerPoint and video content for the product launch presentations, and created a smart-but-comfortable environment for the audience by using white leather furniture set against an electric blue carpet.

And to provide a memorable training experience for the required three sessions of 30 people per day, we created an interactive walk-in screen that scanned guests as they took their seats and provided real time health analysis and personalised readouts!

This show was taken on the road and delivered 36 times through five cities – and was deemed to be a complete and resounding success.